ATEVEA is one of the leading providers of machining tools, handling systems, measuring technology, large and small machines, customized system solutions and complete factory equipment. ATEVEA adheres to the highest possible standards of service, deliverability and product quality. We develop sophisticated solutions for our customers

Our Story

A successful company has many different faces which make it both unique and diverse.ATEVEA can attribute its success to a variety of characteristics and innovations.

Skilled management, innovative ideas an, stringent quality demands have allowed us to gain an ever stronger foothold in the market. Nowadays, ATEVEA recognized throughout the entire industry for its high levels of service, supply and product quality.


ATEVEA aims at contributing to the sound development and progress of industrial machinery industry and related sectors. ATEVEA seeks to draft and promote the measures to increase the productivity and rationalize production structure in the field of industrial machinery as follows; Mining Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Environment Equipment, Tanks, Hydraulic Machinery, Material Handling Machinery, Iron Steel Manufacturing Machinery, and so on.


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